The Haus zur Glocke project aims to explore issues concerning living, working, and conceptual spaces in the broadest sense – both public and private. In essence, rendering the private public and the public private ought to facilitate the creation of social utopias within this framework – in the Steckborn region and beyond.

Meeting place

The Haus zur Glocke project is a platform, viewed as a meeting place for those who are interested not only in classic but also experimental exhibition and event series, in terms of both form and content. Contents involving society are more likely to appeal to a public with an in-depth interest in art than a general public broadly supporting the cultural industry.

By its very nature, the individual initiative makes such a project self-sufficient, irrespective of attendance figures. However, there is significant potential for utilising synergies generated by the dialogue between the various cultural institutions in Steckborn and the region.


Verena Rieder-Engeli, home economics teacher from Steckborn, actively supports the development and implementation of this concept. Regula Schweizer-Rieser, a culinary cognoscente, contributes her expertise by composing the Steckborn dessert buffet in the foyer of Turmhof. As a result, the two buildings – in close proximity – are represented in the project, symbolically interconnected and each with a culinary offering. The realisation of this offer would not be possible without the former “Glockenladen” team, which still exists, and lends us a competent hand with the Transfer Project.

Soup for Transfer

The idea arose that those participating in the project could create their own soup for each day of the Transfer Project. Beverages from the region and homemade bread will also be served. We attach a great deal of importance on upholding the tradition and philosophy of the “Glockenladen” by offering regional, fair and organically produced food.